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“Nothing Ever Happens in February” – by George Sirk

“Nothing ever happens in  February”…bird-wise…a quote from Michael Shepard, my ancient birding friend. He says this because every migrant, whether latitudinally or altitudinally,  has stopped moving – for the most part. Winter has set in and the birds that wanted to get away to lower elevations or southern climes have done so. The ones that […]

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The Salamanders of Marina Island – by Christian Gronau

Some stories bear retelling  – perhaps because there are newcomers who haven’t heard them before, perhaps because there are oldtimers who didn’t pay attention the first time.  Or, perhaps, because the concept of cumulative learning (especially on a societal level) is just a hopeful notion  – and the old, much resented, high school saying:  “repetitio […]

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Living With Wasps – by Christian Gronau

Spheksophobia, a panic-inducing fear of Wasps, is one of the more widespread (and unpronounceable) phobias out there among humans, whose exaggerated instinct of self-preservation occludes all higher naturalist’s functions, such as trying to identify who is buzzing around the dinner table and who is nesting under the eaves of the house … All Wasps are […]

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