Bird Counts

Cortes Island Bird Counts

2023 CBC –  Sunday, December 17, 2023

For a summary of the 2023 CBC, see our blog written by George Sirk.

Each year, as part of the Public Education Program, the Cortes Island Museum sponsors two birding events – the Christmas Bird Count and a Spring Migration Birding Day.

No experience is necessary to join these events. In addition, we encourage you to post your wildlife observations through our Wildlife Observations page, and we collect butterfly sightings on our Butterfly Sightings page.

Results–Spring Bird Count, 7 May 2023

Results–Christmas Bird Count, 17 December 2023

Gold Finches. Cortes Island Spring Bird Count, 7 May 2022. Photo Christian Gronau
Christmas Bird Count
The CBC began over a century ago when 27 conservationists in 25 localities, led by scientist and writer Frank Chapman, changed the course of ornithological history.  On Christmas Day in...
Spring Bird Count
Since 2004, the Cortes Island Museum has led a Spring Migration Bird Count, usually held on the first Saturday of May. Below are a couple of comments we received from...