Standing Room Only!

CIMAS AGM, MARCH 26, 2017 – Mansons Hall was full, with standing room only! (photo Jurek)

There was standing room only at Cortes Museum’s AGM at Manson’s Hall last Sunday, March 26, with close to 200 members and friends crowding in.  During the short business meeting Lynne Jordan (President) and Nancy Kendel (Vice-President) summarized the Museum’s busy past year and thanked the amazing 104 dedicated volunteers for their priceless contribution of time amounting to almost 6000 hours.

Also thanked for their great job were the current Board of Directors who were all re-elected, including:  Lynne Jordan, Nancy Kendel, Debbie Dragseth, Connie Brill, Bonnie MacDonald, Ian Disney, Jill Milton, Donna McLaren, Donna Manson, Laurel Bohart, Erika Grundmann, Lynn Marttila, and Rose Hanson.

The highlight of the afternoon was the wonderful slide presentation by Bruce Ellingsen and Stephanie Asbeck as they “took us along” on their incredible journey of a lifetime last fall on the Trans-Siberian Railway.  We ‘traveled’ from St. Petersburg across Russia, Mongolia and China with many interesting stops and side trips along the way.  All these countries are worlds very different from what we experience in Canada.

After two months the travelers flew home from Beijing, China, feeling very thankful to be living in Canada – and especially on Cortes Island.  Though Stephanie’s and Bruce’s fascinating stories lasted well over 2 hours, the audience sat spellbound and anxious for the continuation of photos and stories, and very few people left early.  Refreshments and visiting were enjoyed before heading home for dinner.

You can read a full recap of the Cortes Museum’s interesting and active year in our 2016 Fiscal Year End Report .

Lynne Jordan, CIMAS President, talks about last year activities and next year plans, while Connie Brill takes the minutes.
CIMAS AGM, March 26, 2017 – Bruce Ellingsen and Stephanie Asbeck talk – Trans-Siberian Railway Trip.