Archival Reading

Lynne Jordan reading from Museum archives.

Carefully decorated tea tables were scattered about the Museum’s exhibit gallery for guests to enjoy refreshments and listen to selected readings from the  archives and other Museum’s sources on Thursday afternoon, February 18, 2016.

Lynn  Marttila read a moving story from the  book “Goosegrass and Buttercups”, by D.C Kirk,  about a family of early homesteaders at Smith’s Landing (now called Seaford).

Patricia leRoux read some funny  Carrington Bay stories from “Carrington Bay’s Early Days (1915-21)”, The Sparrows Remember  and  The Real “Oldtimers” , by M. McMillan,  a story about Joe Gregson.  Both the Sparrow and Gregson families were early settlers on Cortes

Lynne Jordan read from a memoir Freddie Smith Remembered, about Freddie’s   ‘tobacco’ smoking…. and another about The Mystery of Charlie Houghton Disappearance on Read Island, Christmas Day, 1912.

We had coffee, tea and sweet things, and shared reflections on the hard life of the early settlers and their sense of humour that helped them to cope with harsh living.