2015 Christmas Bird Count

2015 Christmas Bird Count, held on Sunday, Jan. 2, 2016, brought together a lot of enthusiasts of birding.  Started in the morning, with a lunch break (catered by Susanne Mignone) at Lynne and Joe Jordan’s house, continued afternoon, finished with tallying results again at Lynne and Joe home.

Check 2005-2015-Christmas Count List for the numbers of birds and number of species observed.

Comments by Peter Elliott:

“A big thank you to all those who took part in Sunday’s Christmas Bird Count. Very special thanks to Lynn Jordan who did most of the organizing and let us thaw out and eat at her place not just once but twice! With additions from “count week” our total species list is getting close to 80 with some results to come. “


Comments by Christine Robinson:

“The Children’s Forest Trust had a very educational & interesting forest walk to Carrington Bay on the day of the Xmas bird count.

There were 5 youth & 4 adults participating.

The kids were given a quick orientation to binocular use and an explanation of the Christmas Bird Count.

(Do all participants know that the Christmas Bird Count is the longest running citizen science project in North America, starting in 1900, so it has been happening for 115 years).

The kids were most impressed that what they were doing was happening all over North America, not just Cortes.

A Northern Flicker poised for a long time, and gave the kids a really good chance to view with binocs.

We saw 20 species: notable were a Cooper’s hawk, about 18 Pacific Loons, several Buffleheads at close up, a distraught Heron, and heard many Pacific Wrens.”

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