Walks & Talks

The Cortes Museum periodically sponsors walks around the island on trails, in Manson’s Lagoon, and to the Kw’as Beaver Pond, highlighting the history of the area.  Walks and Talks are advertised in local newspapers, Museum website, Cortes Tideline and local bulletin boards.


Past Walks and Talks have included:

  • From Pictographs to Petroglyphs (Judith Williams)
  • Birds of Vancouver Island (Mike Yip)
  • The Incredible Bald Eagle (David Hancock)
  • Cetaceans and Sea Turtles (Caitlyn Birdsall of the Vancouver Aquarium)
  • Blue Ice, White Bear – the Raw, the Bleak, the Beautiful (the Arctic with George Sirk)
  • The Man Who Flew (National Georgraphic & Mike Moore)
  • Raptors of the Island (Maj Birch of MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre)
  • Early Stories of Bute Inlet (Judith Williams)
  • Wild Horses of Nemaiah Valley (David Williams)
  • Sand Ecosystems BC’s South Coast (Tamsin Baker)
  • How the Mail Got Through—True Postal History of Cortes (Peter Smith)