Summer Job Opportunity at Museum


Young adults under 30 (no longer need to be students), living on Cortes Island or knowing Cortes Island very well, are invited to apply as the Museum Host for June to Labour Day, up to 40 hours per week @ $15/hr.  Looking for a mature, friendly, self-reliant person who enjoys meeting the public and whose ideal skills might include:  computer literacy, an interest in Cortes Island history, good office procedures, some sales experience, phone savvy for messages and booking events, desire to learn museum procedures, knowledge about Cortes Island for directing visitors, and great references. The applicant should already have accommodation on Cortes confirmed.  Some art background and being artistic and creative are also good qualifications.

SEND RESUME to Cortes Island Museum, Box 422 Mansons Landing  BC V0P 1K0 or email attention Jane Newman.

Please check our website for more information about the museum’s programs.

This position is now filled for 2019.

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