2017 Cortes Museum Cruises with Misty Isles Adventures

History and nature await you!  Sail back into an earlier era in Desolation Sound on interpretive voyages aboard the schooner Misty Isles with skipper/naturalist Mike Moore who will share a wealth of information and stories.  Famous for its spectacular mountains and fjords, much of Desolation Sound is designated as marine park and is abundant with wildlife.  As well as natural beauty, it is also the focal point of some of the area’s most fascinating maritime history as an anchorage for British and Spanish explorers who first charted this area in the late 1700s.

This year’s exciting trips include Mitlenatch and Twin Islands overnight for Mother’s Day, Blind Channel Resort and Mayne Passage overnight–with historian Jeannette Taylor as your guide, and of course, ‘Round Maurelle Island, Desolation Sound, and Father’s Day Laughing Oyster Restaurant trips.

Twin Islands have long had a sense of mystique about them and are locally known as a place fit for royalty.  During the 1930s an American industrialist with contracts in Japan, bought the islands to live out World War II in seclusion.  He went to work building a 9-bedroom lodge, stables, orchards and gardens, creating his personal retreat on these 680 acres of private islands.

In the late 1950s Margrav Maximillian Von Baden of Baden Baden, Germany, purchased Twin Islands as a summer retreat for his family.  His famous relation, Queen Elizabeth, has stayed on Twin Islands twice.  And now the current owners have invited Misty Isles Adventures and the Cortes Museum to bring guests to spend the night and explore the forests, gardens, orchards and the extensive off-grid systems that, up until now, have been out of sight to the public.  Guests will sleep in the cozy bedrooms of the historic lodge built of logs harvested on the islands.  Meals will feature fresh produce grown in the gardens of Twin Islands.

In the Misty Isles Adventures movie, Captain Mike of Misty Isles Adventures shares some stories of our sailing and kayaking trips and explains a little about this beautiful area.  Check here for more information about Misty Isles Adventures.

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Misty Isles Museum Tours 2017

Misty Isles Guests Comments

It was ALL good and the most relaxing boat trip I have ever experienced!

Will spread the word on what a great trip this is!!!

It was great!  Captain Mike was great, shared lots of info of area and stories!

We will highly recommend to our friends and family!

Thanks for an unforgettable day!

Thanks a million!

2017 Cortes Museum Cruises with Misty Isles Adventures

Mitlenatch and Twin Islands for Mother’s Day Trip

Saturday/Sunday, May 13/14

Departs Cortes Bay at 10:30 am & heads for a full day to Mitlenatch Island, coming back to Twin Islands Lodge for dinner & overnight.  Then an island walk the next morning & leave Twin Islands after lunch for Cortes to tour the Museum, then shuttle to the last ferry.

Cost of $400 (GST included)  includes all meals with dinner, wine and accommodations.

– $400.00 

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Mitlenatch Trip

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Join us for a full-day outing to explore Mitlenatch Island! At this time of year, the wildflowers will be at their peak, the sea lions growling and territorial displays in full swing at the seabird colonies.
We strongly advise that vehicles are left in Heriot Bay on Quadra Island and participants walk on to the Cortes ferry to avoid being left behind due to overload traffic. There will be a shuttle service provided from the ferry dock in Whaletown to our 10:30 am departure from Cortes Bay. 

– $130.00

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Laughing Oyster Father’s Day Cruise to Okeover Inlet

Sunday, Jun 18, 2017


A Father’s Day cruise to the Laughing Oyster Restaurant! Departing from Cortes Bay, Misty Isles will head through Desolation Sound and into Okeover Inlet on the mainland coast for dinner at the Laughing Oyster Restaurant. Well known for its imaginative and tasty menu, the restaurant features seafood and local fare served up on a covered heated deck with a great view of the water and mountains. After dinner, we will make our way back to Cortes with the sun setting on one of the longest days of the year.

Leaves Cortes Bay at 3 pm & returns about 10:30 pm.  Guests pay for their own meals at the Laughing Oyster Restaurant.

– $95, excluding restaurant meal cost

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Twin Islands Kayaking

Friday/Saturday/Sunday, July 13 – 15, 2016

Spend 3 days kayaking and exploring Twin Island and then sleep in a lodge fit for royalty! Twin Island lies just off the east side of Cortes Island and affords beautiful views of the mountains in Desolation Sound. The surrounding shorelines are a mixture of sandy beaches and steep granite cliffs making this a very varied and fascinating place to paddle. Eagles, seals and shorebirds make their home here while whales occasionally swim by. On kayak trips each day, our guides will make the natural and human history of the area come alive with their stories.

But kayaking is only part of the experience. Twin Island has always had a sense of intrigue and mystique about it. It is literally, a place fit for royalty. Queen Elizabeth has twice stayed at the lodge. And the island has always been off-limits to visitors but now, the owner Mark Torrance has invited Misty Isles Adventures to bring people here. There are extensive gardens and forest paths to explore. Our meals will feature food grown on the island. And we will be able to learn about the off-grid systems that keep the services to the island running.

Cost of $720 (GST included) includes all meals, accommodations and kayak gear.

– $720

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NEW – Lund, Refuge Cove and Twin Islands with historian Jeanette Taylor

Thursday/Friday, July 20/21, 2017

A new trip this year!  Departs Cortes Bay at 10:30 am & heads directly to Nancy’s Bakery at Lund for lunch while Jeanette tells historical tales of the area.  After lunch we’ll head through Thulin Pass & into Desolation Sound for a swing by Galley Bay for more settler stories and perhaps a swim.  Then on to a stop at Refuge Cove for a poke around the shops & even more stories.  We’ll finish off the day at Twin Islands Lodge for dinner & overnight, then island walks the next morning.  You leave Twin Islands after lunch for Cortes to tour the Museum’s Refuge Cove exhibit, then shuttle for the last ferry.

– $400 each for couples, $430 single occupancy (GST included) covers accommodations and all meals except lunch at Nancy’s Bakery.

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‘Round Maurelle Island

Wednesday, July 26

10am–5:00 pm

The tides are right this day for Misty Isles to navigate through the famous tidal rapids of Surge Narrows and The Hole In The Wall as we circumnavigate Maurelle Island. With its narrow channels and backdrop of mountains, this is a beautiful area to explore.

Departing from the Whaletown public dock at 10am, we will be back in time to catch the last ferry. For information and to register for this trip or other museum tours call (250) 935-6340 or email cimas@twincomm.ca.

Leave Whaletown 10 am, return about 5 pm for shuttle to last ferry.

– $130.00

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Desolation Sound

Saturday, August 5 and Tuesday, August 22,  2017

August 5 (Saturday) departure 10:30 am, return  5 pm for shuttle to last ferry.

August 22 (Tuesday) departure 10.00 am, return 5 pm for shuttle to last ferry. 

A world destination for boaters, Desolation Sound has dramatic mountain scenery, a myriad of islands and the warmest water temperatures in B.C.  Around every point there’s history to investigate. Captain Mike Moore tells stories of the First Nations peoples, the early settlers and explorers. Bring your swim suit–we often stop to test the waters!

This outing is hosted by the Cortes Island Museum and the cost of $130 (Tax included) helps fund the Museum’s activities.

We strongly advise that vehicles are left in Heriot Bay on Quadra Island and participants walk on to the Cortes ferry to avoid being left behind due to overload traffic. There will be a shuttle service provided from the ferry dock in Whaletown to our 10:30 a.m. departure from Cortes Bay.

– $130.00

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NEW – Blind Channel Dining.

Monday/Tuesday, August 28/29, 2017

Another new trip!  Departs Whaletown at 10 am & heads north to catch the ebb tide through Beazley Passage & the Okisollo Rapids into Johnstone Strait.  Passing Chatham Point, you’ll head into Mayne Passsage between the Thurlow Islands to your overnight destination at Blind Channel Resort.  Their Cedar Post Restaurant is well known for its superb dining (www.blindchannel.com/fine-dining).  There are 3 cabins at the resort, each having 2 bedrooms with double beds.  There are also trails leading to some nice old growth trees there.  The next day you’ll depart by 9 am to catch the morning flood through the Dent & Arran Rapids to return to Whaletown about 5 pm.  The tidal rapid areas are frequented by dolphins, porpoises & orcas – you will want to keep your eyes open. 

– $365 each for couples, $395 for single occupancy (GST included) covers all meals and accommodations except for supper at the Cedar Post Restaurant.

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The Museum is a Tourist Information Booth and can give suggestions regarding accommodations and dining on Cortes. Give us a call and stay an extra night or two to explore the island! Or check out OurCortes.com,  the official Cortes Island Business and Tourism website for more information regarding accommodation on Cortes Island.

For  more information and to register for these trips or other museum tours call (250) 935-6340 or email cimas@twincomm.ca.


Our First Trip – Mitlenatch and Twin Islands


Saturday/Sunday May 13/14

Mitlenatch and Twin Islands,  great nature trip but we also get to stay overnight on Twin Island. Stay in the lodge where Queen Elizabeth slept and explore the gardens, paths and off grid systems of this remote island. – $400 Tax included covers all meals and accommodations.


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