Welcome Gate Dedication

Lynne Jordan – Cortes Island Museum’s longtime president.

Thank you, Lynne!

The Cortes Island Museum and Archives Society on 5 July 2019 held a Welcome Gate Dedication event as a special thank you to Lynne and Joe Jordan for their many years of staunch service to the museum: Lynne and Joe’s estimated volunteer hours total a mind-boggling 50,000+ in their 16 years of combined service!  There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude for their work, inspiration, dedication and positive attitude.

The event, which also included new exhibits opening, was opened with a warm Klahoose Nation welcome – a brilliant performance by Rose Hanson and her daughter Brenda Hanson.  Thank you both, for teaching us a little of your lovely language.

New Exhibits

We appreciated the excellent background and synopsis given by both Christian Gronau (Curiouser & Curiouser) and Brittany Baxter (That Was Then / This Is Now) exhibits. Thank you so much for all your ideas, concepts, research, execution, creativity, and hard work on these thought-provoking exhibits.  A particular note of thanks goes out to Laura Balducci for her creative assistance and many hours of hard work helping to finalize the installation of the That Was Then / This Is Now exhibit.

Longtime Service Medals

In a surprise move by Jane Newman (Managing Director) and Brittany Baxter (Director of Programming), “Medals” for longtime service to the Museum were awarded to Bonnie MacDonald (25 years), Ian Disney (25 years), Nancy Kendel (23 years), Jill Milton (18 years), Donna Manson (16 years), Donna McLaren (15 years), and Laurel Bohart (12 years).  Thank you for all your time and energies. Without members like you, the museum wouldn’t be what it is today.  Keep on chugging!


Music was provided for the event by Laurel Bohart and Holly-Anne Dobb.  Your talents made the event a real celebration! Thank you.

Lots of Guests

The board members of the Cortes Island Museum and Archives Society would also like to thank the over 100 guests who attended the museum Welcome Gate Dedication and the official opening of the new exhibits.

We encourage all those who could not attend this very special day to visit the new Welcome Gate and examine the exhibits.

Rose Hanson and Brenda Hanson sang First Nation Welcome song.
Laurel Bohart (and Holly-Ann Dobb, not in this picture) provided entertainment during the event.
Welcome Gate
Welcome Gate