Hiking in West Greenland

Iris Steigemann presenting Hiking in West Greenland.

Eighty-five Islanders were treated to a vicarious adventure at Manson’s hall on Sunday afternoon, 25 February 2018. Using her excellent photographs and maps of the area, Iris Steigemann described her experiences trekking in West Greenland and the reason why she returns so often to hike along the Arctic Circle Trail.

Amy Robertson, Anna Ochsenbein and Sabina Leader Mense, Cortes Islanders, who accompanied Iris on her most recent trip, were in the audience and graciously added comments to the talk.

You can see Iris’s 25 kg red backpack in the background.

Iris’s slides showed her 9-day trek through the beautiful uninhabited tundra of West Greenland. This Arctic Circle Trail (165 km) runs from Kangerlussuaq at the end of Sonder Stromefjord to the coastal community of Sisimiut.  Talk also included a visit to the Icecap, 35 km east of Kangerlussuaq at the beginning of the trek, and a visit to Ilulissat, the Kangia Icefjord UNESCO World Heritage Site, Eqi Glacier and the tiny village of Oqaatsut at the end.  Iris visited West Greenland 3 times, twice on a solo trek.

Beautiful colours along the trail.