CIMAS AGM Draws a Crowd!

Manson’s Hall on Sunday afternoon, March 20th, was the place to be to find out all about numerous accomplishments in 2015 and exciting things coming up this year at the Cortes Museum & Archives.  The interesting speaker this year with A Thing About Islands was Alison Watt, a biologist researcher, artist and author who used a power point presentation to tell about her research on some of her favourite islands –  especially Mitlenatch with its historically close ties to Cortes.  Alison’s photos and water colour sketches of birds, waterfowl, marine mammals and even reptiles were exquisite.  Did you know that, like Mitlenatch, Cortes has 3-foot long gray and black garter snakes that fish underwater for blennies and other small fishes? – and, in some cases, they prey upon goldfish in freshwater ponds!  Another similarity is the prickly pear cactus that grows on both islands.

The comprehensive Board of Directors were all re-elected by acclamation and Rose Hanson was newly elected and welcomed aboard to join this busy working Board.  Sincere thanks and baskets of roses go out to all the continuing Board volunteers:  Lynne Jordan (President), Nancy Kendel (V.P.), Debbie Dragseth (Treasurer), Connie Brill (Secretary), Bonnie MacDonald, Laurel Bohart, Donna Manson, Jill Milton, Donna McLaren, Erika Grundmann, Lynne Marttila, and Ian Disney.

Following the short meeting, Alison Watt’s colourful presentation, and the awarding of 3 door prizes, savoury and sweet refreshments were enjoyed with tea, coffee and lots of conversation by those attending.

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Photography Jurek Trzesicki



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