Current Exhibits

Current exhibits pertaining to the social and natural histories of Cortes Island and its surrounding waters change annually.  Each year new exhibits focus on particular aspects of history so there is always something new and interesting to entice visitors to return.  Major exhibits are held over.  Some exhibits remain permanent to provide a complete history of Cortes Island.  

Wild Cortes: a new exhibit in 2018 in Linnaea Farm Education Centre, 1255 Seaford Road.  Grand Opening was April 21, 2018. Summer hours are Tuesdays 10–4 and Fridays&Saturdays noon–4. This winter, Wild Cortes will open for special events only. Check our event calendar for dates.

Curiouser and Curiouser and Imagine Reflect Celebrate, are our two new exhibits, opened at the end of October 2018.

We invite the public to contribute suggestions and items to these two exhibits, which will be ever changing throughout 2019.

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