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Our main gallery features exhibits pertaining to the social and natural histories of Cortes Island and its surrounding waters change annually.  Each year new exhibits focus on particular aspects of history so there is always something new and interesting to entice visitors to return.  Major exhibits are held over.  Some exhibits remain permanent to provide a complete history of Cortes Island.  

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Our current exhibits include Listening to Bees and  That Was Then / This Is Now.

Opening day of Listening to Bees is on Thursday, May 20, World Bee Day, with a special demonstration hive on display from 1 to 4 p.m.  

Listening to Bees focuses on the challenges facing both native & honeybees worldwide and what we on Cortes Island can do to support and protect these important pollinators.

That Was Then / This Is Now is a look back at the past two decades since the Cortes Island Museum & Archives has been open to the public (1998 to now!). You can follow the timeline along the wall to learn about our behind-the-scenes life at the Museum. You will explore our major exhibits over the years and the biggest changes we’ve gone through as an organization. Plus, you can learn about museum practices, collections, and curation.

Our new (July 1, 2019) Welcome Gate helps keep the deer out, while warmly inviting visitors to come on in. The gate is dedicated to Lynne & Joe Jordan in recognition of their generous volunteer commitment to the Cortes Island Museum & Archives.

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Wild Cortes

Wild Cortes: a natural history exhibition opened in 2018 at Linnaea Farm Education Centre, 1255 Seaford Road.  

Our new exhibit is The Big Three.

In the fall of 2020 Cortes Islanders reported that bears were damaging property and stealing chickens.  Laurel Bohart, our Natural History Curator, saw these events as the perfect catalyst for creating a new Wild Cortes exhibit in the Linnaea Education Centre.  The exhibit features Cortes Island’s top three predators – bears, cougars, and wolves – along with information on how humans can co-exist with these majestic animals while keeping them wild.

The Big Three exhibit was launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2021.  Join us  during regular opening hours, to learn about historical and recent accounts of local human/animal encounters, watch an award-winning mini-documentary, view images taken on local trail-cams, and discover what Wild Cortes and its partners have waiting for you to experience.

Visitors’ Comments 

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There is too much in the world to see in just one lifetime – let alone comprehend. December 8, 2018

Congratulations all who put it together. Margaret Day, Salt Spring Island

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