Haiku & Origami

Haiku & Origami Workshop

with Soma Feldmar

Sunday, Oct. 30

Sunday, October 30, 10 am — 1 pm
Limited seating
Please register: call 250-935-6340
Materials will be provided
Event is free
Donations appreciated
Refreshment will be provided


With a full house, the event was very well received. Participants learned how to fold a paper balloon and a paper crane.
Everyone wrote several haiku, capturing simple yet profound moments.
See pictures from the event in our Facebook post.
Thank you, Soma, for the wonderful event. And thank you Laura Balducci for organizing the event.

The art of the haiku poem and the practice of paper folding, or origami, are both Japanese and international. In this class, you’ll learn about the multicultural history and potential benefits of both arts, the basic forms and processes of each, and you’ll be given the opportunity to practice both of them.

Historically and culturally, the most prominent forms of these two practices have focused on the external, natural world, in a way that places the human on the edge rather than in the centre. The more traditional haiku composers and origami artists are patient observers, careful witnesses, and devoted students of their environment. It is not the self nor self-interest that drives these practices, it is rather the wonder, awe, and sensual delight in and of the natural world that inspires them.

We will attempt to follow this particular approach, softly, while being open to modern and contemporary styles as well. The class will include at least two brief periods of silent meditation, an opportunity to be outside in nature, weather permitting, and the chance to share our haiku compositions and discuss the overall experience.

Soma Feldmar has been practising origami for over 40 years. She is also a published poet and holds a PhD in English, with a focus on poetics.