CIMAS AGM–March 18

Irazú Volcano, with the Caribbean in the distance (3,400 metres, 11,260 feet–and you can drive to the top!).

Cortes Island Museum & Archives Society – Annual General Meeting

Sunday, March 18,  Manson’s Hall

1:30 pm – doors open, memberships and renewals, 2 pm – short business meeting, followed by guests speakers and refreshments.

Our special guest speaker, George Sirk will talk about Costa Rica.

George has been travelling to Costa Rica for almost 50 years. His first trip in 1970 was overland in a Land Rover, a journey that took 5 months and cost $1800 all told! He worked there as a naturalist guide in the 1990s for 6 months. Two more casual trips later, including a December 2017, 4-week adventure with wife Kim, has given George a unique perspective on the changes this tropical gem has endured.

With 918 species of birds, 112 species of bats, 174 amphibians, 1300 orchids, 9000 flowering plants, over 2500 trees and 200 mammals, it has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Yet, Costa Rica is only one and a half times bigger than Vancouver Island!

Why is tiny Costa Rica a stupendous natural wonder? Should you go there, and what should you expect to see? What is the impact of global warming, or as George puts it, global overheating? This illustrated talk will attempt to answer these questions.