Antarctica–November 9

OASES IN AN ANTARCTIC DESERT, an illustrated talk by Rachael Morgan-Kiss, Ph.D.

Please join us for a talk on Antarctica, on Saturday, November 9, 1:30 p.m., at Manson’s Hall

The McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica form the largest relatively ice-free area on the southern continent. As one of the world’s most extreme deserts, this landscape is a pristine mosaic of permanently ice-covered lakes, intermittent streams, arid soils, barren mountains, and surrounding glaciers. This lecture will discuss the amazing aquatic lifeforms growing during the short summer months and surviving the long polar night, as well as the logistics of living and conducting field science in one of the most extreme and remote places on earth.

Dr. Morgan-Kiss grew up on Vancouver Island beginning her studies at UBC and finishing her doctorate at the University of Western Ontario in 2000.  Since 2007, Rachael has worked as an Associate Professor of Microbiology at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and during her career has presented at over 50 scientific meetings and submitted/published many scientific articles and book chapters.  When she takes time from her busy work schedule, Rachael enjoys Cortes Island and visiting her parents Roy and Celia Jensen.


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