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In the 2015 Reel Youth Celebrating Seniors Film Program, several generations came together to produce short films. Spanning 12-82 years of age, the participants collaborated to create five films that celebrate the rich history of Cortes Island and its residents. The Cortes Museum and Archives Society is a proud sponsor of this program.

The most recent  Reel Youth  * premiere *, July 7, 2016, was of five local films made in this year’s Celebrating Seniors Film Program, starring Rose and Marge Hanson, Ross Milne, Ruby and John Gordon, and King Karl! These local films will be part of a screening of the Reel Youth Film Festival, a 75-minute program that includes some of the best youth filmmaking from around the world.

Please enjoy the movies Celebrating Seniors produced on Cortes Island by Cortes Island youth. 

The Sharpest Knife

King Carl

Two Scoops

In Her Words, featuring Rose Hanson

In Her Words, featuring Marge Hanson


The Clamdigger’s Daughter

This Is My Garden: The Life of Ed Piggott

The Ellingsen Brothers

Trude the Amazing

Jeannie Campbell

Philip’s Arm to Don Vonop

Louisa Tooker

The Squirrel Cove Store

Growing up in Von Donop

Harold Hansen: Cement Brewmaster

How to Shuck an Oyster

Eagles Acres

Old School, New School

How Has Cortes Island Changed?

The Seafood Plant

The Seafood Plant in Rhyme

Elmer at the Dance

“Torn Screen Door” by David Francey


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