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“Nothing Ever Happens in February” – by George Sirk

“Nothing ever happens in  February”…bird-wise…a quote from Michael Shepard, my ancient birding friend. He says this because every migrant, whether latitudinally or altitudinally,  has stopped moving – for the most part. Winter has set in and the birds that wanted to get away to lower elevations or southern climes have done so. The ones that […]

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Flea Village or …? – by Judith Williams

The curious name of this Sliammon /Klahoose territory village site comes from a story in “The Journals of Archibald Menzies,” surgeon/botanist aboard Capt. George Vancouver’s Discovery during its exploration of the West Coast of British Columbia. In June 1792, the Discovery and its companion ship the Chatham entered the area Vancouver was to call Desolation […]

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Ninety Nine years ago … – by Mike Manson

It was some time before midnight with the moon high in the sky when a canoe slowly came out of the shadows of the North Twin. Now cast in bright light it made its way south across the bay, straight towards the sloop. A shotgun lay on the bottom of the canoe, already loaded and […]

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Tiber Bay or… – by Mike Manson

A visit to the cemetery at Manson’s Landing is a journey into the past. A number of pioneers are buried here. One family name that always captures my interest is that of Teuber, or is it Tiber? August Teuber and Henry Tiber. And what of Rose Tiber? The spelling of August with a backwards “s”, […]

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