Walks & Talks

walks M lagoon003The Cortes Museum periodically sponsors walks&talks around the island on trails, in Manson’s Lagoon, and to the Kw’as Beaver Pond, highlighting the history of the area.  Walks&Talks are advertised in local newspapers, Museum website, Cortes Tideline and local bulletin boards.

Past Walks & Talks have included:  

• Lagoon Gumbooting (Lynne Jordan)
• Stories from the Sea (Mike Moore)
• Eelgrass Ecosystems (Sabina Leader-Mense)
• From Pictographs to Petroglyphs (Judith Williams)
• Birds of Vancouver Island (Mike Yip)
• Cetaceans and Sea Turtles (Caitlyn Birdsall of the Vancouver Aquarium) 
• Blue Ice, White Bear – the Raw, the Bleak, the Beautiful (the Arctic with George Sirk)
• The Man Who Flew (National Georgraphic & Mike Moore)
• Raptors of the Island (Maj Birch of MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre)
• Early Stories of Bute Inlet (Judith Williams)
• Wild Horses of Nemaiah Valley (David Williams)
• How the Mail Got Through—True Postal History of Cortes (Peter Smith)

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