Each year the Cortes Museum sponsors a variety of interesting and exciting events.  The Creative Spaces – Gardens, Studios & Workshops tour during the month of June.  Local gardeners, artists and artisans have the opportunity to show off their unique creations on the day long tour.  Tickets are available at local stores and the museum, and at the ferry terminal for the first ferry’s arrival.  

Each summer the Museum also sponsors a number of Misty Isles Cruises that offer the opportunity to explore the amazing waters surrounding Cortes Island.  These popular voyages aboard the schooner Misty Isles occur from May through August.  Skipper/naturalist Mike Moore will share his wealth of local information and stories with all on board.  Reservations can be made at the Museum or through this website.  

Throughout the year the Cortes Museum also sponsors numerous events through its Public Education Programs Walks & TalksThe events include featured speakers on topics of social or natural history, book launches of local artists, guided tours of various Cortes Island ecosystems and two annual bird counts.  Upcoming events are advertised on this webpage, Tideline (cortesisland.com) and in local media.  When possible, CIMAS partners with other island organizations to co-host events.

Special Events at the Museum

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