Calendar 2005

Richard Trueman

Cortes Island at Work and Play

It was an engaging start to the Museum’s fall season as Richard Trueman presented a three-day (September 21, 22, 23) exhibition of photographs he took for the 2005 calendar, Cortes Island at Work and Play.

On the final day, patrons were entertained by Annica de Trey and George Sirk who spoke humorously about previous fundraising activities, and were inspired by Noba Anderson and Sandra Wood who called for community action and unity regarding the Rainbow Ridge housing development project.

Thank you, Richard, for hosting all three days and especially for lighting the photographs with your cell phone during the power outage!

While new exhibits are being mounted in the gallery, everyone is welcome to browse our collection of historic photos and the hundreds of files containing information about Cortes people and activities. You can also visit the gift shop and tourist information booth.