Wild Cortes Exhibit

Take a walk on the wild side of Cortes Island at the Wild Cortes Natural History & EcoLiteracy Centre!

1255 Seaford Road
Donations gratefully appreciated

During the fall of 2020, the exhibit will be open Saturday, from noon to 3 p.m. Please call the Museum at 250-935-6340 or email us for more information.  Check also the Tideline for our pop-up open hours.

Accessibility information: The entrance is down the steps near Linnaea’s front door with a wheelchair accessible entrance down the library ramp. 

Do animals and ecology interest you?  Wild Cortes is looking for volunteers to host our exhibit. Training happily provided. Send us an email or call us up at 250-935-6340.  

alt - Photo Ray Grout, Owl Cottage.

Photo Ray Grout, Owl Cottage.

Featured Exhibits

Our exhibits include “Down Under” Subtidal Biodiversity, BioBlitz and Return of the Humpbacks. Wild Cortes also features fascinating taxidermy exhibits and study skins from taxidermist Laurel Bohart, costumes and masks for playing dress-up, a puzzle of Cortes watersheds, and so much more! 

Discovery Boxes

Pull the cover off one of our exciting new discovery boxes at Wild Cortes! The EcoLab has a fabulous new WILD stereoscope for you to discover the world of the microcosm within each discovery box.

The FEATHER discovery box is filled with specimens to reveal the… wonder of feathers to you! Pull apart a great blue heron feather vane and then “zip” it back together again with your fingers. You’ve just witnessed the first zipper! Pop the feather vane under the stereoscope to view the structure of feather barbs and barbules. The barbules contain microhooks that hold the barbs together to create the smooth feather surface.

The SAND discovery box is filled with specimens of sand from around the world. Pop them under the stereoscope and you will be propelled into a magical maze of olivine and garnet minerals! Run a magnet up against a sample of Manson’s Landing sand and line up the magnetite minerals!

Thank you Cortes Literacy Now for funding the Discovery Boxes.  

Our Partners

Wild Cortes is managed by the Cortes Wild! partnership: Linnaea Farm Society, Cortes Island Museum & Archives Society, Friends of Cortes Island Society (FOCI), Discovery Islands Ecosystem Mapping Project (DIEM), Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society (FTCCIS), Cortes Island biologist Sabina Leader Mense and geologist Christian Gronau.

Linnaea Farm

Cortes Island Museum & Archives Society

Discovery Island Ecosystem Mapping

Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island

Study Skin Preparation – Laurel Bohart Working on the next Taxidermy

EcoLab at Wild Cortes

Discovery Boxes

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