Online Talk Shows

Cortes Island Museum, in partnership with Cortes Radio, FolkU and Cortes Currents, produces talk shows and newsworthy updates on current topics. We want to hear what stories interest you and your ideas for exhibits or programs that you’d like us to explore.

Below are a few of our latest talk shows:

The Suitcase Project (19/07/2022)

Upcoming AGM (2022/03/27)

Managing Director Transition (2022/03/14)

The Big Three (with Jane Newman, 04/2021)

Online Archives (with Jane Newman, 04/2021)


Love on the Air (with Jane Newman, 02/2021)

Christmas (with Jane Newman, 12/2020)

COVID-19 Impact (with Jane Newman, 12/2020)

Bird Counts (with Laurel Bohart, 2020)

COVID-19 Impact (with Jane Newman, 11/2020)


Early Birds (with Jane Newman, 2020)

60 Places to Visit (with Jeanette Taylor, 2019)

Humpbacks Return (with Lynne Jordan, 2019)

Where Is Salmon (with Lynne Jordan, 2017)

40 Years of Gill Netting (with Joe Jordan, 2017))

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