Wayfinding: Stories of Maps & Place

The exhibition opened on March 26 and will continue through December 2023.

Wayfinding is about how we navigate and understand the world around us. It is about paying close attention and engaging all our senses, memory, reasoning, and imagination to get where we need to go. On Cortes, this means getting to know diverse terrains and dynamic waters, and the knowledge and lived experience of this unique place is passed between generations or communities in many ways.

This exhibition explores some of those tangible forms. It offers cultural, social and environmental perspectives on Cortes and the surrounding region through historic maps, charts, navigational instruments and artifacts from the Museum’s collections and archives, many on display for the first time. Community groups and individuals have also contributed their mapping projects and belongings to broaden the scope of this exhibition.

Come explore the works of local artists, historians, or geographers, create a star chart, write a postcard in our hands-on area, or spend time in a reimagining of local writer Gilean Douglas’ cabin. There is plenty here to stimulate your curiosity and appreciation of this place and its people.

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Cortes Island Navigation Chart
Cortes Island Ecosystem Mapping
Cortes Lake Mapping Project

Exhibitions Curators and Contributors

Melanie Boyle (Lead Curator)
Exhibition Committee: Monika Hoffmann, Nancy Kendel, Bonnie MacDonald, Donna Manson, Jill Milton

Many thanks to those who worked to organized and shape this exhibition.