Squirrel Cove Exhibit

Opened in 2015

Squirrel Cove – A Spirit of Place.

Klahoose People moved there permanently in the 1890s but they and other First Nations had used the area seasonally for centuries. Early European settlers came about the same time, drawn by logging, mining and fishing. For the surrounding area the cove became the place to purchase supplies, have a boat built or have equipment, radios & machinery fixed. In the early 1900s Squirrel Cove was a thriving community with a post office, 2 stores, a church, school, hall, 2 machine shops, a mill, boat works, 2 marine ways, a blacksmith shop and a log booming ground. Little remains today…

Curators: Laurel Bohart and Lisa Gibbons

Producers: Lynne Jordan, Thea Block and Yvonne Kipp

The 4th booklet in Cortes Museum’s history series—Squirrel Cove—is here. Available in the Cortes Museum and the  Squirrel Cove general store.  Read amazing stories about early days and growing up in this once vibrant community.