Spring Bird Count–RESULTS-2019

A big thank you to the 23 people who participated in the Cortes Museum’s Spring Birding Day on May 4th, especially the 10 Bio-blitzers who rose early to hear the dawn chorus and the 2 boaters spotting seabirds hard to see from the shore!


A total of 81 species were identified (one short of the record from last year).  Highlights of the day included: a Western Tanager flycatching from a tree right above our heads; Tree Swallows nesting in a dead tree in Kwas Pond; a Savannah, Fox and Song Sparrow along the grassy edge of the shoreline; and the “whichity whichity” call of the Common Yellowthroat singing at Sprungman’s Pond.


Special thanks to Nancy & Ray Kendel, Chris Napper, Christine Robinson, Sabina Leader Mense, George Sirk and Christian Gronau for sharing their knowledge of our feathered friends.


2019 Spring Bird Count Results