Mary Weiler’s Cortes

Mary Weiler’s Cortes–Presentation by Brigid Weiler

Thursday, January 26,  Mansons Hall, 7:30 – 9 pm

Mary and Ottie Weiler moved to Cortes Island in 1947. They were urban visionaries to whom the wild and remote aspect of Island life in those days represented a wonderful adventure. Mary, an artist in many media who had always had an interest in photography, inevitably turned her curious eye towards documenting the life of the island and it’s people. She started using colour slides in the early 1960’s. This show covers the period from about 1962 to 1974, when she left Cortes Island following Ottie’s passing.


Brigid will narrate the show in which we will see faces of old friends, and glimpses of an era, now gone, which although it seems to be of recent vintage is rapidly becoming ‘The Old Days’.