Book Launches

crowdThe Cortes Museum supports local writers and published authors by having their works for sale in the Museum Shop.  At the time of publication of their books, the Museum hosts a book launch, either at the Museum, one of the local halls or at the plaza in front of Marnie’s Book Store.  Marnie’s Books is often a co-host of these well attended events.


Some of the Book Launches in the past have been for:

  • Carrie Saxifrage – The Big Swim – Coming Ashore in a World Adrift
  • June Cameron – 26 Feet to the Charlottes
  • Judith Williams – Clam Gardens
  • Christine Cohen Park – Key to Lock Out Cougars
  • Jeanette Taylor —  Tidal Passages – A History of the Discovery Islands
  • Norm Gibbons – Voyage of the Arrogant
  • Heather Harbord – Desolation Sound