Last Chance!

LAST CHANCE IN MARCH to experience & marvel at the exhibit The Fallers, The Fir & The Fungus: The Story of the Big Tree in the Cortes Museum — the exhibit everyone is talking about!  It’s also your last chance to view Squirrel Cove, First Nations, Geology, Forest Fires & the Pioneer Kitchen!  They will all be gone in early April for the new installation of the History of Refuge Cove curated by Judith Williams, the amazing new exhibit for this summer season.

Cortes Museum is open Fri. & Sat., 12 noon-4 p.m.  Admission by donation.  Don’t miss this last chance!

The Fallers, The Fir & The Fungus: The Story of the Big Tree

Pioneer Kitchen

Forest Fires on Cortes Island

Klahoose First Nation

Geology of British Columbia


The Cortes Island Museum & Archives is a place where people are inspired to celebrate Cortes Island – its past, present and future. We are an organization that explores important historical, social, economic and environmental themes in the fulfilment of our mission while fostering a strong sense of place and encouraging lifelong learning through dynamic exhibits and outreach programs.

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