CIMAS Mission & Vision


The mission of the Cortes Island Museum and Archives Society (CIMAS) is to:

  • Collect, preserve and interpret to the broadest public possible, material relevant to the rich natural history, cultural development and evolution of Cortes Island and surrounding region.
  • Include indigenous perspectives and involvement in all aspects of CIMAS.
  • Create a public meeting place of connection, learning and enjoyment.
  • Make cultural and natural history and their context accessible through exhibits and interpretive programs.
  • Provide historical context to contemporary issues – the legacy of the past is the foundation for a sustainable future.


CIMAS works toward the future with the following vision as a guide: 

  • CIMAS will be a place where people are inspired to celebrate Cortes Island – its past, present and future.
  • CIMAS will be an organization that explores important historical, social, economic and environmental themes in the fulfilment of its mission.
  • Through dynamic exhibits and programs, CIMAS will foster a strong sense of place and foster lifelong learning.
  • Through partnerships with local First Nations and other community groups, CIMAS will seek opportunities to build collaboration, cooperation and teamwork in the stewardship of Museum collections and the delivery of programming.

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