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Remembrance Day

Lest we forget Remembrance Day – November 11 This Monday, November 11, 2019, will mark the 101st anniversary of the end of hostilities in the First World War. Last year,
Blog - Searching for Veterans of World War One

Searching for Veterans of World War One – Harry Daniels – The Postmaster at Blind Creek

Dad said there were rumours that Harry had a common-law Native wife when he lived on Cortez between the Boer War and World War One and had fathered several children

Fifty Years of Cortes Island Ferry Service

Fifty Years of Cortes Island Ferry Service Population figures on Cortes Island picked up after the 16-car ferry, Cortes Queen, began its regular run to and from Quadra Island in

Lilies – Living History – The Heritage Garden at the Cortes Island Museum

Lilies provide fragrance and colour in early summer and bloom at the same time as roses and lavender. Regale lilies Lilium regale have been in western gardens since the early

GLOWING FISH (rotten and otherwise)

Text and photographs are by Christian Gronau unless indicated otherwise. This story reminded me of a story and then another: A friend, after walking his dog at night on a

Rewriting History

It first happened a few years ago and it was kinda cute. I recall thinking, “Wow.” And then the next time it happened, it was “seriously?” And then again. Now

Hoping to Curry Favour!

This young raven had a rough day. I found him late this afternoon while gathering eggs during a lull in the rainstorm. He may have been hung up for as

Still Alive and Skipping

A few years ago this unremarkable photograph of an unassuming little brown butterfly was taken on the foliage of a Cortes Island butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii). Fig.1 Silver-spotted Skipper: the

A Zero Tide

Friday the 13th was special for more than its usual notoriety. Just after noon, we had a zero tide. This is a relatively rare event, often not happening for a

2018 Creative Spaces Tour

GATES & DOORS OPENED TO CREATIVE SPACES Tiny houses created high interest in the Cortes Museum’s 2018 tour of Creative Spaces – Gardens, Studios & Tiny Houses.  Read more about

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