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2022 Christmas Bird Count

— by George Sirk On December 18, 2022, the Cortes Museum held its annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) for Cortes. Included in the count is also the “count week” (CW)

Silver-spotted Skipper Update

Since the posting of the Cortes Island Museum’s blog Still Alive and Skipping in 2018, not a great deal of newsworthy developments can be reported. A few more sightings (by

The Mystery of the Perambulating Clam

Some time ago, Aileen and I found a Manila clam near our house, which is to say about 100 metres from the nearest saltwater. The shell surface was somewhat corroded,
The Hunt for Chris (Chris's Lagoon). Blog Mike Manson, 2022 05 25

The Hunt for Chris (Chris’s Lagoon)

I get asked, “Who was Chris’s Lagoon named after?” My father and grandfather would have known but it never came up in a conversation I can recall. Chris’s Lagoon is
Gold Finches. Cortes Island Spring Bird Count, 7 May 2022. Photo Christian Gronau

Spring Migration Bird Count Event, 7 May 2022

Gold Finches. Cortes Island Spring Bird Count, 7 May 2022. Photo Christian Gronau Cortes Island Spring Count – A Success! The weather on May 7 was very favourable for the

Christmas Bird Count 2021/2022

Christmas Bird Count 2021/2022 – by George Sirk Ring-necked Duck, male, photo George Sirk Sunday, 5 January 2022, was a wonderfully brisk birding day for the 29 participants of the

Remembrance Day

Lest we forget Remembrance Day – November 11 — by Mike Manson, 20 November 2019 — updated: 1 Dec 2022, 20 Nov 2022, 9 Nov 2022 This Monday, November 11,

His Story – LEST WE FORGET – Basil Evans Whiting

Just in time for Remembrance Day, the Cortes Island Museum’s Artifact Committee received the poignant donation of several war medals awarded to Basil Whiting. The Whiting family were Cortes Island’s

Wrapping Up “From the Archives”

— Valerie Wernet, Cortes Island Museum   The summer season is coming to a close, and the archives team at the Cortes Island Museum is wrapping up our summer photo-sharing

Peter Police

As someone who has always been fascinated by pioneer life, I have spent much of my time on Cortes exploring old homesteads – digging up old bottles from the roots

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