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GLOWING FISH (rotten and otherwise)

Text and photographs are by Christian Gronau unless indicated otherwise. This story reminded me of a story and then another: A friend, after walking his dog at night on a

Rewriting History

It first happened a few years ago and it was kinda cute. I recall thinking, “Wow.” And then the next time it happened, it was “seriously?” And then again. Now

Hoping to Curry Favour!

This young raven had a rough day. I found him late this afternoon while gathering eggs during a lull in the rainstorm. He may have been hung up for as

Still Alive and Skipping

A few years ago this unremarkable photograph of an unassuming little brown butterfly was taken on the foliage of a Cortes Island butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii). Fig.1 Silver-spotted Skipper: the

A Zero Tide

Friday the 13th was special for more than its usual notoriety. Just after noon, we had a zero tide. This is a relatively rare event, often not happening for a

2018 Creative Spaces Tour

GATES & DOORS OPENED TO CREATIVE SPACES Tiny houses created high interest in the Cortes Museum’s 2018 tour of Creative Spaces – Gardens, Studios & Tiny Houses.  Read more about

The Schools of Squirrel Cove – by Lynne Jordan

At the beginning of the 1900s, Squirrel Cove on the east side of Cortes Island was a hub of activity for homesteaders, loggers, fishermen, miners and trappers. They came from

The Man Called Nakatsui – by Mike Manson

Childhood memories are some of the best. As a young boy I spent my summers on Cortes. It was before the days of ferries and power. We stayed in our

Doris Hope – by Tara Warkentin

I never met Doris Hope. I was born in 1998, and she passed away in 2000. However, during the summer of 2017 as the museum summer student, I have gotten

Erratics – by Christian Gronau

A Brief Survey of Cortes Island Beach Rocks DEFINITION: erratic (er-rat’-ic) n. A rock fragment carried by glacial ice, or by floating ice, deposited at some distance from the outcrop from

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