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Little Jimmie

Little Jimmie Little Jimmie Close-up Little Jimmie Close-up Significance: During the 1930s and 1940s this Koestler portable electric organ, owned by the Columbia Coast Mission, was carried on shore for Sunday services whenever power was available at coastal outposts and isolated camps. Organs in a suitcase were often called “Little Jimmie.” Place of Manufacture: West […]

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Coleman Gas Iron and Stand

Coleman Gas Iron and Stand – – Coleman Gas Iron and Stand Close-up Coleman Gas Iron and Stand Significance: Despite the risk of fire, by the 1940s the Instant Lighting (white) Gas Iron began replacing the wood stove heated flat irons of the early 20th century. Place of Manufacture: Coleman Lamp and Stove Co., Ltd. […]

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Butter Paddle

Butter Paddle Closeup Significance: The paddle is part of the four-quart Dazey butter churn commonly used by Island families in the 1940s and 1950s. Place of Manufacture: St. Louis, MO, USA Accession Number: 2015.2 Location: Permanent Exhibit Donor: May Ellingsen  

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Northern Electric Telephone

Northern Electric Phone Northern Electric Phone Close-up Northern Electric Phone Detail Northern Electric Telephone Significance: This is one of six magneto wall telephones purchased in 1955 by the Cortes Island Woman’s Institute at a cost of $5.00 each including the wire, insulators and batteries. To be used in emergencies, they were placed at strategic locations […]

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Camp Food Steamer

Camp Food Steamer Camp Food Steamer Detail Camp Food Steamer Parts Camp Food Steamer Close-up Significance: Perforated tin inserts allowed efficient camp cooks and home cooks to prepare a whole meal on one burner. Water could be added through a spout in the bottom layer to prevent the steamer from boiling dry. Its date is […]

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