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Living With Wasps – by Christian Gronau

Spheksophobia, a panic-inducing fear of Wasps, is one of the more widespread (and unpronounceable) phobias out there among humans, whose exaggerated instinct of self-preservation occludes all higher naturalist’s functions, such as trying to identify who is buzzing around the dinner table and who is nesting under the eaves of the house … All Wasps are […]

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Pacific Tree Frog – by Christian Gronau

They had a good season this year (2015), filling our evening  and night air with their exuberant song. The Pacific Tree Frog is also known as the Chorus Frog, and for obvious reasons … Unlike so many of its North American cousins, this hardy little frog seems not to be affected by the Eurasian Chytrid […]

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